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Bow-Wow's Bites replicates what your dog was naturally born to eat.

Our food is customized, organic, grain-free, non-GMO, hand-ground raw dog food and treats designed for your best friend's optimal health.

We customize each recipe to insure your pup receives all the nutrients that are necessary for a long, happy, healthy life.

Each of our recipes consists of an essential balance of 80% hand-ground raw meat, 10% hand-ground organ meat, and 10% raw bone. This plan replicates what your dog (and all dogs since beginning of time) would eat in the wild.

What is Raw Pup Chow?

Bow-Wow's Bite's recipes are made from fresh, hand-ground meat, bone and organs.

This meat component makes up 75% of your pup's meal. In order to provide your pup with essential vitamins and nutrients, 25% of each meal also consists of hand-ground, fresh, organic, non-GMO, artificial or man-made ingredients in.



How much should you feed your pup on a raw diet?

* This is only an approximation, contact us for a free custom consultation.